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Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality


Coordination concerning socially vulnerable EEA citizens staying in Sweden

Sweden wants to coordinate work throughout the country concerning vulnerable EEA citizens staying temporarily in Sweden. On 29 January, Martin Valfridsson was appointed national coordinator for this work.

Photo: Government Offices of Sweden

Martin Valfridsson's remit is to support work being conducted by government agencies, municipalities, county councils and organisations that come into contact with vulnerable EEA citizens staying temporarily in Sweden, i.e. no longer than 3 months, and who do not have the right of residence.

The aim is to support these actors in their efforts to create long-term sustainable conditions for cooperation. Better cooperation means that the temporary support provided to these people can be designed appropriately.

Need for coordination between actors

Municipal support to these people varies. Some municipalities put great focus on outreach activities, while others give funding to values-based organisations so that they are able to provide support to these people. There are also those who, in cooperation with values-based organisations, have started shelters or provide emergency funds for tickets to return home. Civil society shows a strong commitment to support these people.

There is a great need to promote efficient forms of cooperation, exchanges of experience and spread good examples of actions among municipalities, county councils, government agencies and organisations that, in their respective areas of responsibility, come into contact with these socially and economically vulnerable EEA citizens who are staying in Sweden temporarily. Better cooperation means that the support can be designed appropriately. The national coordinator is to present his report to the Government Offices by 1 February 2016.