Country strategy: Kenya 2004-2008 Reference No.: UD 04.023


January 2004-December 2008 The present strategy for Swedish development cooperation with Kenya for 2004-2008 is based on the Kenyan poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP) and plans for poverty reduction produced by the new government, elected in 2002. Extensive discussions have taken place involving Kenyan stakeholders in civil society and the private sector, as well as official consultations with the Kenyan government. Meetings with interested parties have also been held in Stockholm. The country strategy is based on a country analysis and a performance analysis drawn up in 2003 by the Swedish embassy in Nairobi and Sida in Stockholm. The democratisation process in Kenya has made significant headway in last 10 years despite an undemocratic political environment. The general election held in December 2002 confirmed this underlying positive trend and created a platform for enhanced cooperation with the Kenyan government. While setbacks are expected, the signs are that the trend will continue throughout the strategy period. Kenya faces major challenges. Provided the present positive trend continues and the basis for closer cooperation with the Kenyan government is maintained, increased financial assistance is proposed.