Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for Sweden’s military defence and its support agencies. Its strategic planning includes international operations and security-building activities, which the agencies are instructed to implement and follow up.

Responsible minister

Peter Hultqvist
Peter Hultqvist Minister for Defence

News from Ministry of Defence

  • Budget 2018: Increased military capabilities and enhanced total defence

    In its Budget Bill for 2018, the Government proposes allocating an additional SEK 2.7 billion to Sweden’s total defence, of which SEK 2.3 billion for military defence and SEK 0.4 billion for civil defence.

  • Swedish Armed Forces Exercise Aurora 17 will increase military capability

    Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist visited Gotland 19th of April 2017
    Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist visited Gotland 19th of April 2017. Photo: Victor Svedberg / Regeringskansliet

    Exercise Aurora 17 will be conducted on 11–29 September. The exercise is the largest armed forces exercise held in Sweden for over 20 years.

Agreement strengthens the defence by 2.7 billion per year

The government has agreed with the Moderates and the Center Party to further strengthening the Swedish Armed Forces and to ensure the overall capability of the Swedish Total Defence. In addition to previous agreements, the budget of the Swedish Armed Forces and other parts of the Swedish Total Defence will be strengthened by an additional 2.7 billion kronor annually for the years 2018-2020.

The Swedish Defence Bill 2016-2020

Thursday, April 23, the Government proposed a Defence Bill 2016-2020 for the Parliament. The defence bill is based on a broad political agreement between five parties; the Social Democratic Party, Moderate Party, Green Party, Centre Party and Christian Democrats.

Defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden

In the autumn of 2013, Sweden and Finland announced their intent to deepen their defence cooperation.

Inquiry report on equipment and logistics provision to the Swedish Armed Forces

The Inquiry proposes that activities in the Defence Materiel Administration relating to the operation and maintenance of equipment be transferred to the Swedish Armed Forces. This will thereby create a cohesive war organisation with associated logistics resources at the Swedish Armed Forces.

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