Ylva Johansson

Ylva Johansson

Minister for Employment and Integration

Ministry of Employment

“The Government’s focus is on creating more jobs, closing gaps and increasing cohesion in Sweden. The reception of asylum seekers and newly arrived people is a shared responsibility for the whole of society. The objective is decent and orderly reception and good conditions for introduction in all municipalities.

News from Ylva Johansson

  • Ministry of Employment initiatives in the Budget Bill for 2018

    Photo: Ministry of Finance/Government Offices

    Everyone who can work should work and contribute to our common welfare. This is why, in the autumn budget, the Government is investing in strengthening labour market measures and the integration of new arrivals. The Government is reforming the system of subsidised employment and introducing a new, uniform supportive measure – introductory jobs. The Government is also strengthening efforts for a sustainable working life by establishing a new agency for work environment awareness and allocating funds for the development of methods to combat unfair competition.

Photo: Maskot/Folio.

Fair working conditions

The Government safeguards the Swedish model, which builds on agreement between unions and employers on terms of employment in the labour market. Sweden is also pursuing issues in the EU on fair competition for businesses, and on rights and conditions for EU citizens who are posted to work in Sweden.

Foto: Maskot/Folio

Fast track - a quicker introduction of newly arrived immigrants

The Government wants newly arrived immigrants in Sweden to quickly find a workplace that is relevant to the individual’s education and experience. At the same time, there is a shortage of labour in many industries; these are now being helped with the provision of skills through the creation of fast tracks by the Swedish Public Employment Service and the industries, to make it easier for newly arrived immigrants to establish themselves in the labour market.

Foto: Alexander Ruas/Folio

A Work Environment Strategy for Modern Working Life 2016-2020

The Government's work environment policy is to contribute to a work environment that prevents ill health, accidents and people being excluded from working life. Work environment management must take into account people's differing circumstances and contribute to the development of both individuals and operations.

Ylva Johansson and Stefano Scarpetta is shaking hands, both looking pleased.
Stefano Scarpetta, Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs at the OECD, is handing over the report "Working Together: Skills and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants and their Children in Sweden" to Swedish Minister for Employment and Integration Ylva Johansson. Photo: government.se

OECD: Sweden on the right track to better introduction of new arrivals

In May 2016 OECD presented the report "Working Together: Skills and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants and their Children in Sweden". The report shows that Sweden has a highly developed and sustainable policy for reception and introduction, but that the large number of asylum seekers who arrived in 2015 has created new challenges. Minister for Employment Ylva Johansson commented on the OECD report’s assessment and recommendations during a press conference with Stefano Scarpetta, Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs at the OECD.

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