Defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden

In the autumn of 2013, Sweden and Finland announced their intent to deepen their defence cooperation. The aim was to improve security in a regional context and strive to establish a better use of resources and cost-efficiency in defence-related areas. Furthermore, the cooperation would increase interoperability and the capability to act jointly, both domestically and internationally.

The Action Plan

Sweden and Finland presented an Action Plan for developing the countries’ defence cooperation in May, 2014.

The Action Plan describes in what way the defence cooperation is to be developed. The Armed Forces is tasked to investigate the possibilities of enhanced cooperation in the areas of training and exercises, air and maritime surveillance and the possibilities of joint use of basic infrastructure.

An additional tasking was to look for possibilities to develop and train combined units for participation in international exercises and peacekeeping operations. The deeper defence cooperation would, among other things, build on existing cooperation areas, such as Cross Border Training (CBT).

Tasking to the Swedish Armed Forces

On June 19th 2014, the government tasked the Armed Forces to investigate how the Swedish-Finnish defence cooperation could be developed from the established action plan.

On January 31th 2015, the Swedish Armed Forced and the Finnish Defence Forces presented a joint final report with concrete proposals for cooperation areas. 

Cooperation areas

In the joint final report, handed in by the Armed Forces of Sweden and the Defence Forces of Finland, a number of cooperation areas were presented (Navy, Air Force, Army, Secure communication, Logistics and materiel procurement and Combined units).
Among the presented proposals were the following:

-  the development of a bilateral standing Naval Task Group, The Swedish-Finnish Naval Task Group (SFNTG), with full operational capability by 2023,

- an increased level of interoperability between the Swedish and Finnish Air Forces with the capacity for joint operation, common base operations and common command and control (C2) capability,

- the development of a combined Finnish - Swedish Brigade Framework.