Environment and climate

Environmental policy concerns creating a society free of emissions and hazardous toxins, with consideration for people, animals and nature. It also concerns creating a sustainable society that is adapted to climate change. Many environmental issues are global in nature and consequently a large part of the work takes place in collaboration with other countries.

Responsible for environment and climate

Responsible minister

Karolina Skog
Karolina Skog Minister for the Environment

Responsible ministry

News about environment and climate

  • How the world can achieve both fossil-free societies and a non-toxic environment

    Panel during the seminar: Daniel Wolfish, Canada; Gunvor G Ericson, Sweden; Daniel Reifsnyder, US; samt Jochen Flasbarth, Germany. Photo: Hanna Björnfors/Government Offices

    The world is facing major challenges in the area of climate and the environment. The Paris climate agreement is aimed at keeping the rise in global temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius, and the countries of the world have also agreed on 17 global goals for sustainable development, to be achieved by 2030. How do we ensure that the measures we take to achieve one goal do not make it more difficult to achieve one of the other goals? This was at the core of the discussions during the seminar Sweden arranged in cooperation with the United States at the UN Environment Assembly, UNEA2, in Nairobi.

  • New Swedish environmental policy for the Arctic

    Photo: Johnér

    The Arctic is an irreplaceable asset of local, national and global significance. We need to strengthen and improve security and environmental protection in the Arctic. Sweden will work to ensure that all development in the Arctic is environmentally sustainable. Our priorities include greater protection of biodiversity and ecosystems on land and at sea, enhanced climate efforts and sustainable use of resources.

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