Objectives for housing and construction

The overall goal for community planning, the housing market, construction and land surveying is to provide all people in all parts of Sweden with a socially sound living environment that promotes the sustainable management of natural resources and energy and that facilitates housing construction and economic development.

Housing market

The goal of housing policy is long-term effective housing markets offering a range of dwellings that satisfies consumer demand and needs.


The goal for construction is:

  • Long-term sustainable structures.
  • Effective regulations and other policy instruments that adopt a life-cycle perspective to promote efficient resource and energy use and a good indoor environment.
  • Effective competition in the construction and property sector.

Land surveying

The goal for land surveying is:

  • Efficient and legally secure cadastral procedures and the appropriate division of real property.
  • The information supplied is to be of a high standard, have nationwide coverage and be long-term, stable and reliable. Use of the basic information is to increase, benefiting a greater number of users and having a wider range of applications.
  • Efficient and legally secure registration transactions that contribute to an effective real property market.

Community planning

The goal for community planning is:

  • An explicit role for physical planning in the work towards sustainable development in urban and rural areas.
  • Regulations and other policy instruments that best meet efficiency requirements, while guaranteeing legal security and citizen influence.
  • Good conditions for the construction of dwellings and business premises, the establishment of companies and for other community development, while securing a sound living environment.