Nordic Clean Energy Week

In May 2018, Sweden, the EU and the Nordic countries will together host major energy ministerial meetings. In connection with these meetings, the Öresund region will also host Nordic Clean Energy Week. Politicians, researchers and business representatives will come together to discuss future energy solutions.

Responsible ministers
Ibrahim Baylan
Responsible ministries
Ministry of the Environment and Energy
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    In addition to a number of official side events in connection with the ministerial meetings (CEM9/MI-3), diverse energy related activities will take place in the Öresund region May 21 – 24, 2018. Nordic Clean Energy Week is co-hosted by Sweden and Denmark. During the week, politicians, researchers, business and industry will gather to discuss future energy solutions.

Nordic Clean Energy Week

Nordic Clean Energy Week will take place in part at Malmö Live in central Malmö. Meeting places, where stakeholders can take part and contribute to the week, will also be organised in other parts of the region.

Priority areas for Sweden’s part of the week are the transition to a digital and sustainable energy supply, sustainable solutions for the transport sector, sustainable cities, smart industry and green financing.

Sweden’s part of Nordic Clean Energy Week is being organised by Region Skåne and The city of Malmö, supported by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy and the Swedish Energy Agency.

  • International energy ministerial meetings in Öresund region

    Öresund Bridge
    Öresund Bridge Photo: Ulf Lindgren

    “I am looking forward to discussions, in Sweden, with the world’s energy ministers and decision-makers on how to take joint responsibility for developing the sustainable energy solutions of tomorrow. The meetings will also provide fantastic opportunities to market Nordic energy technology expertise,” says Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy Ibrahim Baylan, who will represent Sweden and lead parts of the meetings.

Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation

The Clean Energy Ministerial and the Mission Innovation Ministerial bring together a group of countries that account for 75 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and 90 per cent of the investments in clean energy. Initiatives aim to strengthen experience exchanges and legislative cooperation that can help accelerate the transition to clean energy.

The CEM aims to accelerate the global rate of energy efficiency improvement and increase the volume and accessibility of sustainable energy. Sweden has been an active participant since the forum began in 2010.

The MI aims to rapidly accelerate the pace of cleantech innovation Sweden has been an active participant since the outset in 2015.