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EMA moves to Amsterdam

The European Medicines Agency will be relocated from London to Amsterdam, following a decision by 27 EU Member States November, 17. The decision is a consequence of Brexit negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom. In tough competition with Sweden and 14 other countries, Amsterdam won the bid for the EMA. Relocation must be completed by 1 April 2019, when Brexit takes effect.

Responsible ministers
Responsible ministries
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
  • Sweden is ready to host the EMA

    Press release and official offer for the relocation of the EMA from London to Stockholm.

Sweden remains the EU innovation leader

  • Sweden remains the EU innovation leader

    European Innovation Scoreboard

    The European Innovation Scoreboard provides a comparative analysis of innovation performance in EU countries, other European countries, and regional neighbours. It assesses relative strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems and helps countries identify areas they need to address. Sweden remains the EU innovation leader!

Sweden is ready to host the EMA

  • Sweden is ready to host the EMA


    Sweden is determined to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Stockholm and is ready for seamless relocation. The Swedish Prime Minister has written to the President of the European Council, Mr Tusk, expressing Sweden’s wholehearted ambition to host the EMA.

  • New website


    The Government Offices of Sweden has launched the new website with more information on Sweden's proposal for the relocation of EMA to Sweden.

Best universities in Europe 2017

  • Best universities in Europe 2017

    Times logo

    According to Times Higher Education World University Ranking, the Karolinska Institute is the premier university in the EU, the UK not counted for. That is yet another proof of the cutting-edge capabilities of the Swedish life science sector, and it would be an excellent working environment for EMA.

Gabriel Wikström at the Medical Products Parliament

  • Gabriel Wikström at the Medical Products Parliament


    This morning Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, spoke at the yearly Medical Products Parliament-conference. Among many things he talked about scientific progress – not least when it comes to pharmaceuticals, and how medical and technical progress means treatments are becoming more and more efficient. –And to be able to achieve that, collaboration between industry, health care and academia is crucial when it comes to development of new pharmaceuticals, said Mr Wikström. Mr Wikström also participated in a panel together with the Executive Director of EMA, Professor Guido Rasi. One obvious question from the audience was regarding the re-location of EMA, and to that Mr Wikström replied that from a list of objective criteria, Sweden would be well equipped to house EMA.

Proposed location for EMA in Stockholm

  • Proposed location for EMA in Stockholm

    • Regeringskansliet

    • Regeringskansliet

    Sweden offers two options for a brand new building in Stockholm as the future HQ for the EMA, the block Molekylen (the Molecule) and the block Forskaren (the Researcher). The buildings are being constructed in the life science cluster of Hagastaden (Stockholm Life), in the close vicinity of Karolinska Institutet. Like all of Stockholm, the area has excellent public transport links and good hotel facilities, and is within easy reach of international airports such as Bromma and Arlanda as well as the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) in Uppsala.The central location is supplemented by metro, commuter trains and busses together with excellent walkways and bike lanes.

Advantages of EMA in Sweden

  • Regeringskansliet

    1. The Swedish Medical Products Agency

    Given the mandate of EMA, an efficient and seamless transition is of utmost importance. In this respect, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, among one of the most active partners of the EMA, would be a valuable asset. Apart from the UK the Swedish MPA is clearly the most active contributor to EMA and the centralised procedure. This is crucial when it comes to the continuity of the work of the Agency and its staff. The continuity of the Agency’s work is very important, as its activity can have a direct bearing on the health situation of individual citizens or patients.

  • 2. Life science and Academia

    Sweden is building a world-leading life science sector, and the life science cluster of the region is an excellent working environment for EMA. The Karolinska Institutet, hosting the Nobel Assembly that awards the prize for Physiology or Medicine, is a top-ranked medical university. Furthermore, the region hosts Uppsala University, Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. In addition to that, the world renowned universities in other parts of Sweden cater for a thriving environment.

  • 3. Efficient and productive environment

    Sweden offers excellent working and living conditions in an open and tolerant society. English is widely spoken in Sweden, which has one of the world’s highest English speaking proficiency scores. The region has Europe’s best public transport system, and for incoming experts the region has the hotel capacity needed, and, with access to no less than 4 international airports, it is easy to reach. For the staff and their families, international schools, pre-schools and nurseries are avaliable, and so are programmes for partners of the staff. The region also has a thriving labour market.

  • Folio

    4. A beautiful and clean region

    The Stockholm-Uppsala region offers a vibrant urban society with an interesting cultural scene combined with a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle with easy access to a stunning archipelago and the Swedish countryside – a right guaranteed by Swedish law.

  • 5. Sweden at the very top-end of the scale

    According to the OECD and the World Economic Forum, Sweden ranks at the top-end when it comes to almost all dimensions, such as economic developement, subjective, environmental quality, good and transparent governance, low corruption, good health status and health care and gender equality.

  1. 1 The Swedish Medical Products Agency
  2. 2 Life science and Academia
  3. 3 Efficient and productive environment
  4. 4 A beautiful and clean region
  5. 5 Sweden at the very top-end of the scale

Brochure - EMA from London to the Stockholm-Uppsala region

  • EMA from London to the Stockholm-Uppsala region


    In this brochure, EMA from London to the Stockholm-Uppsala region, Sweden highlights the greatest advantages with a re-location of EMA from London to Sweden. Sweden has the qualifications and the assets for hosting EMA.

Gabriel Wikström visited London and EMA

Swedish candidature for relocation of the European Medicines Agency from the UK to Sweden

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