The Swedish Government’s overall EU priorities 2017

In its EU-related work in 2017, the Government is giving priority to three particular areas: a Europe for jobs and inclusive growth; a more ambitious climate, energy and environmental policy; and a solidarity-based refugee and migration policy and a secure world. In addition to these three areas, the Government’s EU work in 2017 will be characterised by a strong commitment to protecting the interests of the EU and Sweden in negotiations over the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU.

Three priority areas

Photo: Martina Huber/Government Offices

A Europe for jobs and inclusive growth

There must be fair working conditions in both the Swedish and the European labour markets. The Government is pursuing efforts for a more social Europe with determination, and on 17 November 2017 the Prime Minister will co-host a summit in Sweden on fair jobs and growth, with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Photo: Eija Huhtikorpi/Folio

An ambitious climate, energy and environment policy

The EU must show leadership in the battle against climate change and implement the Paris Agreement. Important steps have already been taken and legislation, primarily in the area of environment, climate and energy, is being negotiated to transition to a more sustainable society.

Photo: Ninni Andersson/Government Offices

Solidarity-based refugee and migration policy and a secure world

Progress has been made to deal with the migration situation, particularly in terms of cooperation to combat human smuggling and the root causes of people fleeing. What remains is to put in place a new, functioning and efficient asylum system, in which all EU countries take responsibility for receiving refugees and which should be efficient, legally certain, sustainable in the long term and humane, and enable high-quality decisions that protect the right of asylum.