Nils Öberg to examine preventive measures for men who subject close relatives to violence

The Government has appointed Nils Öberg to chair an inquiry into measures to prevent men who subject close relatives to violence from reoffending. The remit of the inquiry is to analyse the effects of the measures and propose how work with perpetrators of violence can be developed and strengthened.

The inquiry is part of the implementation of the national strategy to prevent and combat men's violence against women adopted by the Government in November last year.

"The risk of a person who has been subjected to violence in a close relationship being subjected to violence again is very large. We must focus on the perpetrator and on the preventive work to stop the violence from arising and being repeated. This inquiry is an important step in moving from a project to a national programme with regard to the prevention of violence," says Minister for Children the Elderly and Gender Equality Åsa Regnér.

"Effective work to prevent reoffending builds on a combination of intervention and supportive actions. With regard to men who exercise violence in close relationships, more measures are required that are adapted to the varying needs of that particular target group," says Nils Öberg, the Government's Inquiry Chair.

The remit of the inquiry is to:

  • Conduct a survey of knowledge on effective methods and analyse activities aimed at preventing violence from arising and being repeated.
  • Review the need for support and guidance to develop prevention of reoffending activities and submit proposals on how the support can be designed to enable streamlining the work.
  • Review the Social Welfare Committee's responsibility for measures targeting perpetrators of violence and analyse the ability of the health and medical care system to identify individuals who may repeat violence against a close relative and how these individuals can receive treatment to change their behaviour.
  • Promote and strengthen cooperation between and within social services, the health and medical care system and judicial authorities.
  • Provide a current description of how municipalities and responsible authorities take account of and involve the perpetrator's social network in the work to prevent and combat violence in close relations.
  • Conduct a survey of how safety considerations for women, children and other close relatives subjected to violence in the perpetrator's family are handled in the work with the perpetrator, and consider and propose measures to support the work on strengthening the safety of close relatives.

The report is to be presented by 1 June 2018.

Nils Öberg, Director-General of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service

Since 2012, Nils Öberg has been Director-General of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. Over several years, he has developed a knowledge-based approach to working on prevention of reoffending methods. Mr Öberg was previously Director-General for Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Justice.



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National strategy to combat men’s violence against women

In November 2016, the Government presented the gender equality policy communication entitled ‘Power, targets and agencies – a feminist policy for a gender-equal future’. The communication includes a ten-year national strategy on men’s violence against women, including honour-related violence and oppression, as well as prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes.