International Conference on Systematic Work for Human Rights Implementation, Stockholm 6-7 november

Download the final report from Rights Work!

Rights Work! - the international conference on systematic work for human rights implementation was the first of its kind. It was organised by Sweden in cooperation with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, in November 2008.

The aim was to stimulate other countries and actors to work on human rights in a systematic way. Rights Work! was also an opportunity for Sweden to learn from others. Sweden's intentions at this stage have been fulfilled, and we will now continue to follow up on some of the ideas and recommendations that emerged from Rights Work! In a final conference report conclusions and recommendations for the continued work to implement human rights are presented.

Gunilla Carlsson
Minister for Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson at Rights Work! Conference. Photo: Lisa Sandegård/MFA.

Gunilla Carlsson held a speech at Rights Work!

Ms Gunilla Carlsson, Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation closed the conference Rights Work!with a speech.

Exchanging experiences

This afternoon four parallel workshops explored different sub-themes on how to implement human rights in a systematic way.

Nyamko Sabuni
Some 200 people from around 70 countries will attend the conference. Photo: Pawel Flato

Nyamko Sabuni opens Rights Work!

On Thursday November 6, Nyamko Sabuni, Swedish Minister of Integration and Gender Equality opened the Conference Rights Work with an opening speech.

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