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Tobias Krantz - new Minister for Higher Education and Research

Today, Tobias Krantz is appointed as the new Minister for Higher Education and Research. Dr Krantz is an MP for the liberal party of Sweden, Folkpartiet liberalerna, and holds a Ph.D in political science.

- It is crucial that Sweden's universities and colleges can offer a high class education, both when it comes to tuition and academic research. I want to continue working on the reforms that already have been initiated - independent universities, increased financial support to academic research and a stronger emphasis on quality, are all very important issues. Today's research is tomorrow's welfare, says Tobias Krantz.

- I am pleased that Tobias Krantz has accepted to enter office as a member of the cabinet. Dr Krantz has a solid background in the academic world, and he is a very competent and knowledgeable politician that is passionate about creating an education system characterized both by overall quality and excellence within narrower fields, says Jan Björklund, Minister for Education.


Since 2002 Tobias Krantz is a member of the Swedish parliament, and he holds a Ph.D from Uppsala University. He has acquired wide-ranging political experience in political bodies such as the Committee of Constitutions and the Committee on Health and Welfare, and he is also one of the persons behind the liberal party's policy programme on higher education.

Dr Krantz was born in 1971, grew up in Bankeryd outside Jönköping and is married with one child.


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