Areas of responsibility

Minister for EU Affairs Birgitta Ohlsson is responsible for the leadership of horizontal EU issues within the Government Offices.

  • Horizontal EU issues

    Horizontal EU issues include EU treaties, review of the long-term EU budget and general EU legal issues.

  • EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

    The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region was adopted under the Swedish Presidency of the EU in autumn 2009. Work on implementing the strategy has now begun. The conclusions from the European Council emphasise that the strategy is an integrated framework for addressing common challenges such as environmental problems. Work on implementing the strategy has now begun.

  • EU 2020 - the EU's growth strategy

    The EU strategy for growth and employment, previously called the Lisbon Strategy, is now called the EU 2020 Strategy.

  • Meetings of the General Affairs Council

    In the configuration known as the General Affairs Council, some Member States are represented by their foreign ministers while others have special ministers with responsibility for EU affairs.

  • The General Affairs and External Relations Council is responsible for preparing and following up the meetings of the European Council, i.e. the summits, and for ensuring consistency and coordination in the work of the various council formations. General Affairs also includes the issues of openness and transparency in the work of the institutions.

  • Birgitta Ohlsson is also the minister responsible for consumer and democracy issues.

  • Democracy issues

    The objective of democracy policy is to safeguard and deepen Swedish democracy. The ability of individuals to exercise influence must be strengthened and human rights respected.

  • Consumer issues

    Consumer policy addresses issues concerning the power and ability of consumers to make active choices on the market as well as high consumer protection standards. In concrete terms, this includes consumer information, product safety, eco-labelling, marketing and consumer organisations.