Ulf Kristersson

Minister for Social Security
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

"Being able to support oneself is the foundation of independence and security. Our social insurance systems must therefore both provide support when we are sick and unable to work, and make the way back to work as short and successful as possible."

Contact Ulf Kristersson

Cherine Khalil Press Secretary to Ulf Kristersson
Office work +46 8 405 10 00 (växel)
Mobile cell +46 76 778 68 42

Agreement on certain adjustments in the pensions agreement

The Pension Group which consists of five parties represented in the Riksdag and chaired by Ulf Kristersson has agreed on certain changes to the pensions agreement. The Group notes that, fundamentally, the pension system works well. However, in light of external changes and experience gained in the first fifteen years, there is reason to reconsider some parts of the system.