Erik Ullenhag

Minister for Integration
Ministry of Employment

"Sweden will continue to be an open and tolerant country - I will never compromise on this. As a liberal, I welcome immigration, regardless of whether people come to Sweden as refugees or to work or study. But integration must be more effective - people who come to our country must be able to get a job and learn Swedish quickly."

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Makan Afshinnejad Press Secretary to Erik Ullenhag
Mobile cell +46 70 591 12 19
Cover of the White Paper, an open file with z and a serial number. Part of cover of the White Paper: Blomquist

White Paper on abuses and rights violations of Roma during the 1900s

The situation of Roma today is linked to history and the discrimination to which many Roma have long been subjected. Knowledge of this history and its connection to the conditions for Roma today is therefore important to the Government's efforts to improve their living conditions. The Government considers that a White Paper that describes this history is an important starting point in strengthening the work on the human rights of Roma.

Nordic pocket facts 2013 - Statistics on integration

A statistical breakdown of the differences and similarities between native-born and foreign-born persons.

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Erik Ullenhag in dark jacket and white shirt

The ministers interviewed: Erik Ullenhag

Watch Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag talk about two cornerstones of integration policy.