The Baltic Year 2011

In 2011, Sweden is marking the 20th anniversary of the Baltic countries regaining their independence and the resumption of diplomatic relations with them. One important aim of this is to expand and intensify cooperation.

This 'Baltic Year' is part of Nordic-Baltic cooperation. Its starting point is the liberation of the Baltic countries 20 years ago, and the success for independence and democracy that this implies - a partnership for freedom and prosperity. The focal point is the initiatives in the Baltic countries and Sweden that made the liberation possible.

Activities will also look to the joint future ahead of the Baltic countries: for example, participation in EU cooperation, prospects for trade and other exchanges around the Baltic Sea, and the political framework in which this will take place (the realisation of the 2009 EU Baltic Sea Strategy).

In August 1991, Sweden acknowledged Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and resumed diplomatic relations with them. Since then, Sweden has undertaken major initiatives to promote and consolidate the countries' regained independence. These initiatives are based on strong political commitment, broad popular support and an early diplomatic presence. Notable measures included early free trade agreements, support for sovereignty and security building, development assistance, education initiatives, etc. This laid the foundations for good cooperation with great development potential - also beyond 2011.

The Swedish manifestations are mainly focused in Sweden, and will be complemented by activities in all three Baltic countries.

Calendar for the entire year

  • 15 March Prime Minister visits Vilnius
  • 12-14 May Riksdag Committee on Defence visits Riga
  • 15-17 May Riksdag Committee on Defence visits Vilnius

  • 7 June Oslo: Council of the Baltic Sea States foreign ministers meeting and celebration of 20th anniversary of the Baltic countries' independence.

  • 15-18 June Stockholm: International Council for Small Business/Baltic Business Arena

  • 20 August Tallinn: Celebration of 20th anniversary of Estonia's independence

  • 21 August Riga: Celebration of 20th anniversary of Latvia's independence

  • 28-30 August 20th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference

  • 29-30 August NB8 Foreign Ministers meeting in Helsinki (see left for definition)

  • 30 August Helsinki: Nordic-Baltic regional conference on cooperation and future opportunities

  • October Helsinki: NB8 State Secretaries meeting

  • 31 October Copenhagen: NB8 Prime Ministers meeting

  • October Vilnius: Nordic Days

  • 15-16 November Stockholm: Nordic-Baltic Defence Ministers meeting

Planned activities in Stockholm in connection with celebrations of the Baltic countries' independence

  • Mondag 15 August 2011 09.00-11.00 Seminar: Swedish Institute of International Affairs
    12.00-13.00 Historical Monday meeting. Attended by the Prime Minister and the heads of government of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

  • Saturday 27 August 2011 Berwaldhallen: Baltic concert as part of the Baltic Sea Festival, attended by members of the Royal Family.

  • Saturday 3 September 2011 Reception for the Baltic communities at the residence of the County Governor.

  • Oct/Nov 2011 Stockholm School of Economics: economics seminar