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Carl Bildt receives Palestinian ambassador

Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt received Palestine's newly appointed ambassador Hala Husni Fariz, today Thursday 8 September. This is the first time that an incoming Palestinian representative has been formally welcomed at a ceremony at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

"Palestinian state-building efforts have made significant progress. To express our support for these efforts, it has been natural for us to upgrade the Palestinian Representation in Stockholm. It is now important that the parties resume negotiations that lead to a two-state solution and the creation of a democratic and sustainable Palestinian state side by side, in peace and security, with Israel," says Mr Bildt.

Over the last year, the Palestinian Representation in Stockholm has been upgraded from General Delegation to Mission of Palestine. The former General Delegate is now addressed as Ambassador/Head of Mission and, in addition to being invited to the welcome visit hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, will also have an audience with HM The King.

Ambassador Hala Husni Fariz was born in 1955 and most recently served as Minister at the Palestinian Representation in Madrid. She has previously also served at the Palestinian Special Delegation in Brasilia and at the Palestinian Embassies in Manila and Managua.