Making life easier for businesses

Annie Lööf, Minister for Enterprise

Most businesses want to spend less time on administration, red tape and waiting times. They also want to facilitate communication with government authorities.

Compared with most other countries, Sweden is a leader in the work on better regulations for entrepreneurs. But we can do even more. To keep Sweden competitive, as far back as 2006 we in the Government began initiating various projects aimed at making life easier for entrepreneurs under the theme Förenkla för företagen (Better regulations for businesses).

The goal is that businesses will save time and money, but also to reduce unnecessary annoyance. When being an entrepreneur becomes easier, the thresholds holding people back from realising their dreams are also lowered. We want to see more welfare heroes and job creators in Sweden.
It is now time to take the next step towards achieving a noticeable change for the better in day-to-day conditions for businesses.

Annie Lööf

Minister for Enterprise

Five focus areas

The ongoing work to simplify matters for business will focus on the areas that are considered to offer the greatest potential of making a noticeable change for the better in day-to-day business. These areas are:

  1. Lower costs for companies.
  2. Reduced and simplified reporting requirements.
  3. Simpler procedures for contacting authorities at regional and local level.
  4. Action on proposals for simplification from the business sector.
  5. Better impact assessments.