Reinfeldt and Obama discussed global politics and free trade

The meeting between Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and President Barack Obama concluded with a joint press conference. The situation in Syria, the economic situation in the world and trade, industrial and climate policy were among the subjects discussed.

When Barack Obama came to Stockholm today, it was the first time ever that an incumbent US President had paid a bilateral visit to Sweden. The Prime Minister and the President held bilateral discussions that concluded with a joint press conference at Rosenbad.

"We share ambitions when it comes to the opening of global trade flows. Sweden strongly supports open trade regimes, and in particular a free trade agreement now being negotiated between the EU and the United States," said Mr Reinfeldt during the press conference.

In addition to free trade issues, the US President also delivered an in-depth argument concerning the situation in Syria and what is required to stop the conflict.
"If we have the opportunity to take some action that is meaningful, even if it doesn't solve the entire problem, then the moral thing to do is not to stand by and do nothing. But it's difficult. This is the part of my job that I find most challenging," he said.

"Two of the most innovative countries on Earth"

The President also pointed to other areas where Sweden and the United States share fundamental values and where he sees Sweden as a strong partner. He mentioned in particular efforts for freedom, democracy, gender equality and human rights.
"As two of the most innovative economies on Earth, we cherish the freedom that democracies give," he said, extolling the virtues of diversity and equal treatment, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.

Mr Obama also praised Sweden as a leading country in the areas of clean energy and sustainable growth.
"We respect and admire the work Sweden has done in this area and think we can learn from it."