Stockholm Initiative for Digital Diplomacy

Photo: Catarina Axelsson/UD

Brief summary and video

More on the outcome of the Stockholm Initiative for Digital Diplomacy. Video and brief summary below.

Sidd-participants in action. Photo: Catarina Axelsson/UD

A statement from SIDD

This statement is the first outcome of the Stockholm Initiative for Digital Diplomacy. More to follow next week.

Stockholm Initiative for Digital Diplomacy (#SIDD), 16-17 January 2014

In January 2014, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs is bringing together a group of senior officials at the forefront of digital diplomacy for a 24-hour diplohack in Stockholm.

A dozen diplomats from all over the globe will work together with some of the best minds from academia and research, business and the media to produce concrete, feasible solutions for the diplomacy of the future.
This diplohack is organised around two different sessions, each one on a specific theme:

I. Everyone is a diplomat - Diplomacy and the culture of digital participation:
What are the implications for future diplomacy of the growing culture of digital participation, where everybody can be their own diplomat? How can diplomats influence people directly in their work? What are the implications for the traditional status of diplomacy as an exercise for the few, shrouded in secrecy? What new approaches do diplomats need to adopt when acting in a transnational, open arena?

II. Creative diplomacy - Co-creation between states to enhance diplomacy in a networked world:
What will be required of the diplomat of the future? What abilities and specific skills? In the future, how can diplomats find new ways to collaborate and learn from each other along their thorny path?

The outcome of the meeting will be widely and openly shared. We hope that this can be the starting point for a new, informal network focusing on developing and improving digital diplomacy.

Unfortunately, the workshop sessions are already fully booked - we will get back with the outcome and a potential next session after the January meeting.

A special TedX session will also be organised in connection with the #sidd meeting, giving selected external guests the opportunity to join in and give their views on digital diplomacy.

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