Budget for the Ministry for Rural Affairs' areas

Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, foodstuffs and Sami affairs are some of the areas with which the Ministry for Rural Affairs works.

Expenditure areas

The Ministry for Rural Affairs' activities largely extend over the expenditure area:

  • Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and related industries under expenditure area 23.

The table below shows the distribution between the different areas of responsibility.

The 2014 budget proposal for the Ministry for Rural Affairs' areas of responsibility
SEK million
The 2014 Budget
Green industries (forestry, agriculture, fisheries)
7 490 409
Animal health, animal welfare and game management
397 451
423 638
Rural areas
4 659 160
Sami affairs*
146 234*
Education and research
2 199 763
15 316 655
*including the Sami Parliament under expenditure area 1 Governance