Areas of responsibility

Below you can see the remits of ministries divided into 18 subject areas. More information is available under the relevant heading about areas of responsibility, and the ministries and ministers responsible. You can also click on A-Z in the left-hand menu for an alphabetical list of the areas of responsibility.

  • Rural Affairs, Animals and Food

    Areas of responsibility: animal welfare, animal health and protection against infectious diseases, fisheries, higher education and research in the field of agricultural sciences, hunting and game management, rural and environmental issues in agriculture, food, reindeer husbandry and forestry.

  • Asylum, migration and integration

    Areas of responsibility: integration and diversity, citizenship, migration, asylum and metropolitan policy.

  • Central, regional and local government

    Areas of responsibility: municipalities and county councils, county administrative boards, housing and public administration.

  • Communications, infrastructure and IT

    Areas of responsibility: transport and infrastructure and the information society

  • Culture, the media, sports

    Areas of responsibility: culture, the media, non-governmental organisations, sport issues and youth policy.

  • Defence, civil crisis preparedness and safety

    Areas of responsibility: defence policy, national accident prevention and preparedness, and also preparedness for severe peacetime emergencies.

  • Democracy, gender equality and human rights

    Areas of responsibility: Democracy issues, gender equality, human rights, minorities, the principle of public access to official documents and Sami issues.

  • Education and research

    Areas of responsibility: preschools and schools, upper secondary schools, universities and colleges, research and also adult education.

  • Embassies, consulates and consular affairs

    Areas of responsibility: embassies and consulates, assistance to Swedes abroad.

  • Employment

    Areas of responsibility: working life, labour market.

  • Environment, energy and climate

    Areas of responsibility: chemicals policy, ecocycle policy, environment and health, environmental quality objectives, nature conservation and biological diversity, sustainable development, waters and seas.

  • EU

    All the ministries are involved in EU issues. Here you will find more information about the Governments EU policy, the enlargement and EMU and the euro.

  • Foreign policy and international cooperation

    Areas of responsibility: trade and investment promotion, promotion of Sweden abroad, countries and regions, international development cooperation and foreign and security policy.

  • Health, social services, social insurance

    Areas of responsibility: child rights, disability, elderly care, health and medical care, inidvidual and family care, parental insurance, pensions, public health, sickness insurance, social insurance and social services.

  • Housing and construction

    Areas of responsibility: housing, sustainable planning, construction.

  • Industry, trade, regional growth and consumer affairs

    Areas of responsibility: business development, competition, energy, trade policy, consumer issues, regional development policy, tourism, primary industries and mining and minerals policy.

  • Legislation and justice

    Areas of responsibility: legislation, the justice system, criminal matters, international judicial cooperation and justice and home affairs in the EU.

  • National economy and budget

    Areas of responsibility: national budget, growth, economic policy, fiscal policy, banking, securities and insurances, state-owned companies, international economic cooperation and budget expenditure areas.

  • Seas, water, fishing and shipping

    Areas of responsibility: marine environment, fisheries.