Foreign policy and international cooperation


Foreign and security policy

In broad terms, foreign policy is about Sweden's policy towards other countries. The prevention of risks and threats is an important part of security policy, which in turn is part of foreign policy.

Aid and development

Swedish aid is intended to help create conditions that will enable poor people to improve their lives. Development cooperation consists of state-to-state aid and aid channelled through international organisations such as the UN, the international development banks and the EU.

Trade and promotion

Swedish trade policy deals with facilitating exports and imports to and from other countries. Promotion is about creating favourable conditions for Swedish interests and raising Sweden's profile.

Travel abroad

One important task of the MFA and Swedish embassies is to provide help and advice to Swedes who have run into difficulties abroad. The MFA works with issues that concern consular aid, consular emergency preparedness and civil law.

International law and human rights

Promoting and enhancing respect for human rights is a priority task which must be integrated into all aspects of foreign policy, including international development cooperation and migration, security and trade policies.

Work in the EU

The MFA's work is very much defined by Sweden's membership of the EU. It touches upon almost all the MFA's areas of responsibility. Officials at all levels are involved with EU work and the MFA in Stockholm as well as missions abroad take part.

Countries and regions

Sweden's development is closely linked with development in other countries, both in our part of the world and globally. This section presents more information about Sweden's cooperation with other countries.

Frequently asked questions

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House of Sweden

The Embassy of Sweden in Washington is a unique meeting place for the promotion of Sweden.