Central, regional and local government


Local authorities

Local authorities, municipal and county councils are responsible for many important services, from putting out fires to keeping the streets clean and running childcare, schools and health services. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for allocating general grants to local authorities.

State administration and public procurement

State (central government) administration comprises government agencies under the Riksdag and the Government, and courts of law. Government agencies implement the Riksdag's and the Government's policies and work in most areas of society, from education to defence.

Procurement legislation is intended to facilitate the free movement of goods and services within the European Union. It offers Swedish companies new business opportunities. By using competition between companies, the public sector can create added value for tax revenues.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is responsible for these two policy areas.

The Swedish model of government administration

Sweden has three levels of government: national, regional and local. In addition, there is the European level which has acquired increasing importance following Sweden's entry into the EU.