National economy and budget


Fiscal policy and Central government budget

In the national budget, the Government sets out the direction of economic policy. The Spring Fiscal Policy Bill contains the broad guidelines for economic and budget policy over the next few years. The Budget Bill, delivered in the autumn, provides detailed proposals on the allocation of government expenditures and revenue to different areas.

Forecasts and key figures

The latest forecasts for the Swedish economy and public finances, as well as a follow-up of budget policy objectives and estimate for expenditure ceiling.


The Ministry of Finance is responsible for drawing up proposals for legislation on taxes and social insurance contributions.

Financial markets

The task of the Ministry of Finance is to see to it that legislation is in place that makes the financial system efficient and stable, protects the consumer, and creates a climate for competition and further development.

International cooperation

The role of the Ministry of Finance working in tandem with other Swedish actors is largely to prepare Swedish positions on questions that are due for discussion by the executive bodies of a number of multilateral financial institutions.