Industry, trade, regional growth and consumer affairs


Enterprise and industry

Enterprise and industrial policy are strategic efforts to encourage the development and growth of the service and manufacturing sectors by creating favourable framework conditions for businesses and strengthen entrepreneurship, innovation and effective competition. Enterprise and Industrial policy also includes targeted measures for various industries and sectors, such as tourism, steel, forestry, mining, metals and chemicals industries, as well as automotive, life science and ITC industries. This area also includes metrology, geological and mineralogical issues and state aid.

International trade

Issues related to foreign trade, international trade negotiations and the EU internal market.

Regional growth

Regional growth policy is about taking advantage of the potential for growth, development and employment throughout Sweden. This area includes regional development strategies, regional business support, support for commercial services and EU Regional Development Fund programmes. The national strategy for regional growth and attractiveness sets out the direction for the period 2014-2020.

Consumer affairs

The objective of consumer policy is to give consumers the power and opportunity to make active, conscious choices. This requires basic, statutory consumer protection and effective, well-functioning control of compliance with the legislation.


Issues concerning competition, freedom of trade and certain questions relating to business law as well as EC rules on state aid to the business sector.