Industry, trade, regional growth and consumer affairs


International trade policy

Issues related to foreign trade, international trade negotiations and the EU internal market.


Issues concerning competition, freedom of trade and certain questions relating to business law as well as EC rules on state aid to the business sector.

Regional growth policy

Every part of the country should contribute towards Sweden's sustainable growth and development. Sweden's regional growth policy focuses primarily on creating sustainable regional growth and development, regional competitiveness, attractive housing and living conditions, and a high level of service for women and men in all parts of the country. The EU cohesion policy is also important in the implementation of the regional growth policy in Sweden. Through the Structural Funds, Sweden receives money for various development projects within its regions.

Consumer affairs

The objective of consumer policy is to give consumers the power and opportunity to make active, conscious choices. This requires basic, statutory consumer protection and effective, well-functioning control of compliance with the legislation.

The Swedish innovation strategy

The Swedish Innovation Strategy is a long-term effort to maintain and further develop Sweden's leading position in terms of innovation climate and innovation capacity in order to address the global societal challenges, increase competitiveness and renew welfare and utility services of the future.

Sweden's Minerals Strategy

On 21 February 2013, the Government adopted Sweden's Minerals Strategy - For sustainable use of Sweden's mineral resources that creates growth throughout the country. The goal of the Minerals Strategy is that Sweden's mineral assets are to be exploited in a long-term sustainable way, with consideration shown for ecological, social and cultural values.