Culture, the media, sports

Reading and physical activity are part of the Government's cultural and sport policy, which aims to provide conditions for a creative Sweden where people can grow and develop. The Government has made increasing children's and young people's sports and exercise activities one of its two priority issues. The other is to increase children's and young people's reading activities.


Culture is to be a dynamic, challenging and independent force based on the freedom of expression. Everyone is to have the opportunity to participate in cultural life. Creativity, diversity and artistic quality are to be integral parts of society's development.Photo: Jakob Fridholm, Johnér


The objective of media policy is to support freedom of expression, diversity, the independence and accessibility of the media, and to counteract harmful elements in the media. Media policy covers radio, TV, daily press and film, among other things. Photo: Johnér Bildbyrå AB


State support for sport is based on a child rights perspective and aims to support activities that help to develop the interest of children and young people in physical exercise and sport, enable everyone to engage in sport and physical exercise, and actively combat doping in sport.Photo: Corbis, Johnér

Government initiatives
This is what the Government has done during this electoral period.