Rural Affairs, Animals and Food


Sweden - the new culinary nation

'Sweden - the new culinary nation' is a vision about creating more jobs and economic growth, primarily through initiatives that focus on cuisine and food production in combination with tourism. This vision has produced an action plan with five focus areas: food in public institutions, primary production, processed food, food tourism and restaurants.


Agriculture is the engine of rural enterprise: the primary products produced by farmers lead to jobs further down the line. Making Sweden's farmers more competitive is therefore one of the most important factors in creating new jobs, both in rural areas and in towns and cities.

The Forest Kingdom - with values for the world

Sweden's forests provide the country's foremost exports. Sweden is the most densely forested nation in Europe, with forests covering more than half the country's surface. Forestry must be conducted so as to realise high yields of valuable products while preserving natural values.


The Government's aim is for commercial fishing, angling and the fisheries industry to contribute to jobs, welfare and thriving coastal and lakeside communities. To succeed in this, all fishing must be conducted with a view to resource-efficiency and environmental sustainability, supported by effective regulations and using selective fishing equipment.