Defence, civil crisis preparedness and safety


Civil crisis preparedness

Community protection and preparedness are about ensuring that the whole of society can cope with both minor and major accidents and crises. Emergency preparedness is intended to protect the lives and health of the population, society's ability to function and the capacity to uphold basic values such as democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

The military defence

Sweden's defence must be well-prepared to be able to defend the country, but also to contribute to stability in the surrounding world. This requires a defence system that is adapted to today's threats and to the rapid sequences of events in which conflicts arise and are determined. This requires an operational defence that is functional and available. The Government is therefore establishing a new focus for Swedish defence in its Bill A functional defence 2008/09:140. A focus that will provide a significantly stronger defence capability.

Women in conflict areas

In regions at war men hold by tradition a special position and women's rights and significance for stability in a country are overlooked. In view of this, in 2000 the UN passed "Resolution 1325". It addresses the problem and requires that the situation of women in conflicts be particularly taken into account and that they be involved in the work of creating peace and reconstructing their country.

International Cooperation

The international commitment is one of the most important tasks of the Swedish total defence. International peace support and humanitarian operations are channels through which we help to make the world a safer place.