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European Council meeting on energy union and external relations

EU heads of state and government met in Brussels on 19-20 March. They agreed to align the sanctions against Russia to the implementation of the Minsk agreements and approved the proposal to establish an energy union. They also discussed the crisis in Libya. Sweden was represented by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Investment plan welcomed at summit

At the summit in Brussels on 18 December, EU heads of state and government approved continued work on the Commission's investment plan. The aim of the plan is to promote jobs, growth and competitiveness in Europe. There was also a strategic discussion at the summit on the EU strategy regarding Russia and continued support to Ukraine.

EU summit focuses on environment and climate

Heads of state and government have agreed on the EU framework on climate and energy for 2030. The agreement means that emissions of greenhouse gases will be reduced by 40 per cent by 2030. The targets in the agreement also mean that the percentage of renewable energy used in the EU in 2030 is to total 27 per cent, and that the energy efficiency target is to total 27 per cent. The target for greenhouse gas emissions is binding.

The incoming European Commission under the leadership of Jean-Claude Juncker was also approved at the summit. The heads of state and government also decided to provide EUR 1 billion to fight Ebola. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven took part in the summit.

Europe 2020 - More jobs in new EU strategy

The EU's new growth and employment strategy Europe 2020 is to get the EU countries' economies moving and create more jobs and higher growth.

Permanent Representation

Contact information to the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU - the Government's extended arm in Brussels.