Central government budget for 2014

Income, expenditure, balance, national debt

On 18 September 2014 the Government presented to the Riksdag its proposed central government budget for 2014. Central government income is expected to amount to SEK 824.2 billion in 2014. Central government expenditure proposed for 2014 is SEK 868.9 billion. Central government finances are therefore expected to show a deficit of SEK 44.7 billion in 2014. The deficit increases Sweden's central government debt, which at the beginning of 2014 is expected to amount to SEK 1 266 billion.

Income - Estimated income for budget year 2014

Central government income mainly consists of state taxes on labour, capital and consumption. Part of central government income also comes from loan repayments (e.g. student loans) and grants from the EU. The table below shows the expected central government income levels for 2014.

Expenditure - The Government's proposals for central government expenditure for budget year 2014

The central government budget is divided into 27 areas known as expenditure areas. Each expenditure area shows how much money different state-controlled activities may use, for example police activities or state universities. The table below shows the Government's proposals for how the money is to be distributed between the various activities.


Central government finances are expected to a show a deficit of SEK 44.7 billion in 2014.

SEK thousands
Estimated central government income for 2014
824 219 318
Total proposed central government expenditure for 2014
868 914 799
Central government budget balance for 2014
- 44 695 481

National debt

At the beginning of 2014 the national debt is expected to amount to SEK 1 266 billion. The estimated borrowing requirement for 2014 is SEK 44.7 billion.