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  1. Establishment of new arrivals to Sweden to be reformed
    Stefan Löfven, Åsa Romson, Gustav Fridolin, Ylva Johansson, Dagens Nyheter , 19 February 2015
  2. "Worrying that Swedish exports are losing market shares"
    Stefan Löfven, Mikael Damberg, Dagens Nyheter, 06 February 2015
  3. Sweden producing new strategy for Syrian crisis
    Margot Wallström, Isabella Lövin, Morgan Johansson, Dagens Nyheter, 03 February 2015
  4. How UN peacekeeping operations can become more effective
    Margot Wallström, Dagens Nyheter, 27 January 2015
  5. "Gender equality will be a priority in the amending budget"
    Stefan Löfven, Åsa Regnér, Dagens Nyheter, 22 January 2015
  6. Strengthening our efforts to combat violent extremism
    Alice Bah Kuhnke, Dagens Nyheter, 09 January 2015
  7. "As a generous aid donor and role model, Sweden is a voice the world listens to"
    Isabella Lövin, Sydsvenskan, 05 January 2015
  8. Social dimension of the EU must be strengthened
    Margot Wallström, Expressen, Hufvudstadsbladet, 31 December 2014
  9. Gender equality against HIV
    Isabella Lövin, Upsala Nya Tidning, 08 December 2014
  10. All nuclear weapons must be abolished
    Margot Wallström, Svenska Dagbladet Brännpunkt, 08 December 2014