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  1. The Swedish government is worried about the takeover bid for AstraZeneca
    Anders Borg, Jan Björklund, Annie Lööf, Wall Street Journal, 16 May 2014
  2. Partnership for equality
    Erik Ullenhag, Times of Malta, 14 May 2014
  3. The need for a peace institute
    Carl Bildt, European Voice, 11 May 2014
  4. Time for a citizen-oriented EU
    Birgitta Ohlsson,, 07 May 2014
  5. Even in Sweden freedom of the press is under threat
    SVT Debatt , 03 May 2014
  6. Attack from the east shows how important the European Parliament elections are
    Carl Bildt, Article first published in Dagens Nyheter, 30 April 2014
  7. Clearing away the single market's barriers
    Ewa Björling, European Voice, 04 April 2014
  8. "Extensive mapping of Roma in 20th century Sweden"
    Erik Ullenhag, Dagens Nyheter, 25 March 2014
  9. Weakened EU downright dangerous
    Carl Bildt, Expressen, 18 March 2014
  10. More important than ever to keep eyes on TTIP prize
    Ewa Björling, Financial Times, 16 February 2014