About the website

www.government.se is the English-language website of the Swedish Government and the Government Offices. The Governments main site (in Swedish) is www.regeringen.se which originally appeared in the spring of 1994.

The structure of the website

The website is designed to provide what most visitors seek: documents and records, information about current government bills, initiatives and ministerial activities, and accounts of how the decision-making process works in Sweden.

The website has three main sections:

  • The Government and the Government Offices This section offers up-to-date information listed according to ministry, minister and subject area.
  • Publications This section contains all information material and other publications issued in English or other foreign languages. It also contains an ordering facility.
  • How Sweden is governed This section places the work of the Government and the Government Offices in context. Decision-making processes, the EU and other matters are described and exemplified.

Finding your way around the website

You can use different routes to access information on the website: via ministry, minister or subject area. You can also find information via:


The sitemap shows all sub-sections of the three main sections (The Government and the Government Offices, Publications and information material and How Sweden is governed). The sub-sections are shown on two levels.

Simple search

You can reach the simple search function via the website's header - type a word or a sentence in the search field and click Search. If you want all hits that contain a certain word you should include an asterisk *. For example, if you search for Minist* you will get hits for Minister, Ministry and Ministries.

Advanced search

To get more accurate hits you can use the advanced search. With an advanced search you can limit your search in several ways by using the options available on the search page. For example, you can choose to search only the content of a certain ministry or only in press releases. You can combine all of the options on the search page. You can access the advanced search function via the website's header.

Areas of responsibility A-Z

If you are unsure which ministry deals with a certain issue, you can look at the page Areas of responsibility A-Z. You can find it on the website's start page, in the right-hand column under the heading "Subject areas", under the 19 general areas of responsibility.