Government agencies

The Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications has overall charge of the activities of 22 central government agencies, including three public enterprises and one court. The authorities are responsible for the day-to day running of the central government administration. The nature and scope of their activities are defined by government objectives and guidelines and further determined by the allocation of funds for their operations.

  • Energy Markets Inspectorate (Energimarknadsinspektionen)

    Energy Markets Inspectorate is the Swedish regulator of the markets for electricity, natural gas and district heating.
    Box 155, SE-631 03 ESKILSTUNA
    int. +46 16-16 27 00

  • Geological Survey of Sweden (Sveriges Geologiska Undersökning, SGU)

    The Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU, is a national authority responsible for questions relating to Swedens geological character and handling of minerals.
    Box 670, SE-751 28 Uppsala
    int. +46 18-17 90 00

  • National Post and Telecom Agency (Post- och telestyrelsen, PTS)

    The National Post and Telecom Agency, PTS, is the authority that monitors the electronic communications and post sectors. The term electronic communication includes the telecommunications, IT and radio sectors.
    Box 5398, SE-102 49 Stockholm
    int. +46 8-678 55 00

  • Oil Crisis Board (Oljekrisnämnden)

    The Oil Crisis Board is a quasi-judicial authority that deals with certain compensation matters under the Oil Crisis Act (1975:197). Further information can be provided by: Division for Energy, Forestry and Primary Industries
    Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications
    SE-103 33 Stockholm
    int. +46 8-405 10 00

  • Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket)

    The aim of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth is to work to achieve more enterprises, growing enterprises and sustainable, competitive business and industry throughout Sweden.
    Box 4044, SE-102 61 Stockholm
    int. +46 8-681 91 00

  • Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Tillväxtanalys)

    The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Growth Analysis) is charged by the Government to shed light on the areas most significant to growth. The Agency's overriding objective is to strengthen Swedish competitiveness and create the conditions for more jobs in more and growing companies throughout the country. Growth Analysis conduct evaluations, analyses and statistical studies with a broad Swedish and international perspective. Their work relies on science and reliable experience, and their knowledge base shall form the basis of political decisions in the Government and the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag).
    Studentplan 3, SE-831 40 Östersund
    int. +46 10-447 44 00

  • Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket)

    Swedish Companies Registration Office registers all enterprises, from sole traders to companies of all sizes, including Swedish branches of foreign companies and corporate mortgages. Swedish Companies Registration Office also deal with certain aspects of permittance and maintain a register of bankruptcies and bans on conducting business.
    Bolagsverket, SE-851 81 Sundsvall
    int. +46 60 18 40 00

  • Swedish Competition Authority (Konkurrensverket)

    The Swedish Competition Authority is a state authority working in order to safeguard and increase competition in Sweden. In addition to applying the Competition Act, the Authority provides proposals for changes to rules and other measures to eliminate obstacles to effective competition, as well as builds up and disseminates knowledge on competition issues.
    SE-103 85 Stockholm
    int. +46 8-700 16 00

  • Swedish E-identification Board (E-legitimationsnämnden)

    The task for the Swedish E-identificationBoard is to promote and coordinate electronic identification and signature for the public sector e-services.
    SE-171 94 Solna

  • Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten)

    The Swedish Energy Agency works towards transforming the Swedish energy system into an ecological and economically sustainable system through guiding state capital towards the area of energy. This is done in collaboration with trade and industry, energy companies, municipalities and the research community.
    Box 310, SE-631 04 Eskilstuna
    int. +46 16 544 2000

  • Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovations Systems (Verket för innovationssystem, VINNOVA)

    VINNOVA, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, integrates research and development in technology, transport and working life. VINNOVA's mission is to promote sustainable growth by financing RTD and developing effective innovation systems.
    SE-101 58 Stockholm
    int. +46 8-473 30 00

  • Swedish National Electrical Safety Board (Elsäkerhetsverket)

    The Swedish National Electrical Safety Board prevents injury to persons and damage to property being caused by electricity. They also have the task of creating a satisfactory electromagnetic environment in which different pieces of apparatus can operate without disturbing each other.
    Box 1371, SE-111 93 Stockholm
    int. +46 8 508 905 00

  • Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (Väg- och transportforskningsinstitutet)

    The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute performs research and development concerning infrastructure, traffic and transport. The R&D shall also include general analyses of the impact of the transport sector on the environment and energy use.
    SE-581 95 Linköping
    int. +46 13-20 40 00

  • Swedish Patent and Registration Office (Patent- och registreringsverket, PRV)

    At the Swedish Patent and Registration office you can apply for protection for your ideas. You can also change your name, apply for an authorisation to publish your periodical, and order strategic information.
    Box 5055, SE-102 42 Stockholm
    int. +46 8-782 25 00

  • Swedish Patent Attorneys Board (Patentombudsnämnden)

    On 1 July 2010 the new authority Swedish Patent Attorneys Board was formed to manage the authorisation and supervision of patent attorneys. The Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) is the registrar's office of the Swedish Patent Attorneys Board and is responsible for the day-to-day administration and for keeping the register of the patent attorneys.
    Box 46
    SE-851 02 Sundsvall

  • Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

    The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for overall intermodal long-term infrastructure planning for road, rail, sea and air travel, as well as for the planning, building, operations and maintenance of the state roads and railways. The task of the Swedish Transport Administration is to apply an urban management perspective to create the conditions for an economically efficient, internationally competitive and long-term sustainable transport system.
    781 89 Borlänge
    Tel: +46 771 921 921

  • Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen)

    The Swedish Transport Agency is working to achieve good accessibility, high quality, secure and environmentally aware rail, air, sea and road transport. They have overall responsibility for drawing up regulations and ensuring that authorities, companies, organisations and citizens abide by them. The Swedish Transport Agency was established on the 1st of January 2009.
    SE-601 73 Norrköping
    int. +46 771-503 503

  • Transport Analysis (Trafikanalys)

    Transport Analysis is the Government's evaluation and analysis body for issues concerning the whole area of transport. This agency is responsible for evaluating measures and reporting the effects of various measures in the area of transport. Transport Analysis is also responsible for studies into travel habits and transport, as well as official statistics in the area of transport and communications.
    Sveavägen 90, 113 59 Stockholm
    Tel: +46 63 14 00 00