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Study visit and Security briefing

On 18 February, the Protocol Department together with the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, organised a Study Visit for the Diplomatic Corps to Asptuna Prison. On 19 February, the Protocol Department, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, arranged a briefing on security issues for the Diplomatic Corps.

Winter Sports Holiday

Next week (23-27 February) the schools in Stockholm are closed for winter sports holiday ("Sportlov" in Swedish). Many parents take the week off and you might therefore find that your usual interlocutors are out of town.

The Semla - more than just a bun

Winter-time visitors to Sweden may be shocked to see what's on offer in the Swedish bakeries. Pick any bakery or café, and more likely than not the window display is overflowing with just one thing - the semla. Just what is it with the Swedes and this cream-filled bun, which some gulp down with litre upon litre of coffee?

Save the date

The next study trip for Heads of Mission will go to Skåne and takes place on 21-22 May 2015. Save the date.

New notification routines

The Protocol Department would like to inform about new routines and forms for notification on arrival, prolongation and end of duty. The new forms are:

- Notification, page 1 and 2 (for new arrivals)
- Supplementary notification (for prolongations)
- Notification of end of duty (for staff leaving the mission)
- List of members of staff who deliver and collect items of mail at the Protocol Department

To obtain immunity numbers, it is no longer necessary to fill out the form "Rekvisition av personnummer". The requisition is done directly in the form "Notification" by choosing Yes at "Require immunity number(s)". At "Place of birth" please state town/city of birth.

The notification process will be quicker if the required information on the forms are complete. As before, copies of passports and photos should be attached to the Notification (2 photos of each person) as well as to the Supplementary notification (1 photo).

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call during our telephone hours, Monday-Thursday 09.00-12.00. Telephone number: 08-405 58 52.

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