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Planning day for the Protocol Department

The Protocol Department wishes to inform the Diplomatic Corps about its upcoming planning day on Tuesday 23 September 2014. The Protocol Department will be closed on that day, and your usual interlocutors will not be available. For very urgent matters, however, the Diplomatic Corps may contact Ms. Helena Johansson on 076-812 67 77.

The Prime Minister has requested to be relieved of his duties

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt today visited the Speaker of the Riksdag and requested to be relieved of his duties.

Once the Speaker has relieved the Prime Minister and the other ministers of their duties, the Prime Minister and other ministers remain in office until the process of forming a new government has been concluded and the new Government enters office. During this process of forming a new government, the Prime Minister leads a transitional government.

The Riksdag will convene on 29 September for a roll-call and to elect a Speaker. The following day, 30 September, the Riksdag session will open.

The Speaker of the Riksdag proposes a new Prime Minister to form a government. The Speaker consults with the leaders of all parties in the Riksdag and the Deputy Speakers. The conclusion of this procedure is a vote in the Riksdag on the proposal submitted by the Speaker. The new Prime Minister then submits a statement of government policy to the Riksdag and presents the new ministers as soon as possible.

When is the Budget Bill submitted to the Riksdag?

The Budget Bill is normally submitted to the Riksdag no later than 20 September. In an election year, the rules are slightly different. In the event of a change of government, the Budget Bill is submitted by the newly elected Government within three weeks of entering office, or by 15 November at the latest.

Information for newly arrived staff

Newly arrived staff of embassies, career consulates and international organisations in Sweden are advised to visit the Protocol Department's website, the Diplomatic Portal, where they will find information of special interest when first arriving in Sweden. The sections Guidance for newly arrived staff and the Diplomatic Guide provide useful information about arrival, notification, visas, and residence permits as well as general information and instructions on living and working in Sweden.

The Diplomatic Portal is continuously updated with important news for the diplomatic community. You are therefore recommended to visit the website often in order to keep up-to-date with the news.

Click the relevant link to the right for direct access. Please note that the Guidance for newly arrived staff is intended for staff at embassies and career consulates. For newly stationed officials at international organisations, please see the International Organisations' Guide.

Stricter Security Measures at the MFA

The Protocol Department wishes to inform missions that stricter security measures have been introduced at all the buildings of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Visitors with a scheduled meeting at the MFA will have to identify themselves outside the building. They will then be allowed into the entrance hall, where they will have to wait for the receiving MFA staff. Visitors without a scheduled meeting will not be allowed into the building. They may, however, contact their interlocutors via the security guards.

Embassy staff with scheduled appointments for taking ID card photos at the MFA will be allowed into the building, since their names have been submitted to the security guards beforehand.

The Protocol Department apologises for any inconvenience these new procedures may cause.

The Swedish Elections 2014

On the 24th of September, the Protocol Department together with the Diplomatic Forum of Uppsala University organizes a briefing on the outcome of the Swedish elections on the 14th of September at Rosenbad.

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