The Swedish Reform Programme for Growth and Jobs - Annual Progress Report 2009

Publication date:
11 November 2009

Government communication

Prime Minister's Office


The 2009 Progress Report is composed of three main sections - Macroeconomic policy, Microeconomic policy and Employment policy. The Progress Report focuses on the most important measures taken by the Government on account of the financial and economic crisis. All the measures can be found in the Budget Bill for 2010.

During the work on the 2009 Annual Progress Report, the social partners, interest organisations and the relevant authorities were invited to make submissions on how their organisations had contributed to the implementation of Sweden's reform programme in 2008-2009. Their submissions can be found in Annex 4.

Sweden's Reform Programme for Growth and Jobs 2008-2010 presented the Government's policy, which is to lay the basis for long-term sustainable economic development. It covers responsibility for public finances, for jobs and for the core welfare activities. These all aim to create room for increased welfare and meet the challenges of the future. The basis for the Reform Programmes and the Annual Progress Reports are the integrated guidelines (see Appendix 1). The integrated guidelines consist of the Broad Economic Policy Guidelines and the Employment Guidelines. Within the framework of the overall target for sustainable development, the guidelines address the most important challenges ahead, such as globalisation, the ageing population and environmental challenges. But they also focus on reforms to promote competitiveness and economic growth as well as more and better jobs.