Work in the EU

Much of the work of the Ministry of Justice concerns EU-related issues. These include

  • judicial and domestic issues (police cooperation, judicial cooperation in civil and penal law, migration policy),
  • internal market issues (e.g. patents, copyright and company law), and
  • openness (public access to official documents).

Cooperation in legal matters has evolved as a natural consequence of increased integration in the Union. There is consensus among member states about developing police cooperation and judicial cooperation in criminal matters in order to fight serious cross-border crime such as terrorism, human trafficking and drugs trafficking. Furthermore, increased movement in the Union makes demands on efficient judicial cooperation in civil law, inter alia, to facilitate cross-border marriages and cross-border payments. These matters are raised at the JHA Council (Justice and Home Affairs) where the Minister for Justice Beatrice Ask along with the Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy Tobias Billström represents the Government and Sweden. The JHA Council normally meets three or four times in every six-month period.