Areas of responsibility

  • Consumer affairs

    Issues concerning consumer affairs, for example statutory consumer protection and effective, well-functioning control of compliance with the legislation.

  • Criminal Matters

    The Government acts as sole judicial authority pronouncing decisions in about 1500 criminal matters every year.

  • Democracy issues

    Issues concerning democracy.

  • International Judicial Cooperation

    Tasks undertaken by the Ministry of Justice in connection with international judicial cooperation include reception, scrutiny and forwarding of requests to and from Sweden in matters concerning for example international legal assistance in criminal matters and extradition for criminal offences.

  • The Judicial System

    The judicial system usually refers to the authorities and agencies responsible for the rule of law and legal safety.

  • Legislation

    The Ministry of Justice deals with a considerable amount of legislation and has overall responsibility within the Government Offices for ensuring the quality of legislation.

  • Migration and Asylum Policy

    The migration policy includes refugee and migration policy, as well as voluntary return home and support to return migration.

  • Strategy to meet the threat of terrorism

    In recent years, terrorism has developed into a serious international problem. Terrorism is one of the most serious threats to democracy, the free exercise of human rights, and economic and social development. As terrorism is an international problem, fighting it is a cross-border challenge in which joint solutions are key to success.

  • Transparency in the EU

    The Regulation 1049/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents (Public Access Regulation) can be described as being equivalent to the Swedish rules on public access to documents contained in the Freedom of the Press Act.