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Spring Fiscal Policy Bill 2015: A Sweden that keeps together

Today the Government is presenting its proposed direction for economic policy ahead of the Budget Bill for 2016.

"Sweden is facing a number of major future challenges that we must tackle. At the same time, the large deficits mean that our reforms must be fully funded. We are now prioritising investments in our common future for more jobs and greater competitiveness, knowledge-based education in equal schools with time for each pupil, a better environment and increased welfare and security," says Minister for Finance Magdalena Andersson.

Strategy for a successful climate conference in Paris

In December 2015, the world's countries will gather in Paris for the twenty-first Meeting of the Parties under the UN Climate Change Convention. The meeting is of particular importance since the parties are set to agree on a new global climate agreement that will apply from 2020. Prior to the meeting, the government has developed this strategy to guide Sweden's work towards Paris.

Minister for Climate and the Environment Åsa Romson met Xie Zhenhua in China. Photo: Yuchen Wu

Sweden and China enter into agreement on climate cooperation

Minister for Climate and the Environment Åsa Romson signed a cooperation agreement on climate cooperation with China's climate minister Zhang Yong during a visit to Beijing on 9 April.

The cooperation agreement opens the way for deeper dialogue with Chinese negotiators and decision-makers on climate change, and the countries will establish a joint working group to launch the cooperation as soon as possible. It also opens up for cooperation between experts and researchers on economic policy instruments, technical innovations, climate-efficient technologies and system solutions for sustainable cities.

Photo of Stefan Löfven and Joe Biden In Washington the Prime Minister met US Vice President Joe Biden. Photo: Monica Enqvist/Government Offices of Sweden

Stefan Löfven visited New York and Washington

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visited the United States on 29-31 March. The visit began in New York and focused on issues concerning decent working conditions as part of the work on the global sustainable development goals. In Washington, the Prime Minister met US Vice President Joe Biden and gave an address at the Brookings Institution think tank on the challenges and opportunities presented by globalisation.

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