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Sweden launches global network for sustainable urban development

Minister for Information Technology and Energy Anna-Karin Hatt is in London today where she is taking part in launching The Global Sustainable Cities Network (GSCN), an initiative to promote renewable energy and sustainable urban development.

The initiative, coordinated within the framework of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), is a cooperation between Sweden, Denmark, China and the United Arab Emirates.

"Sustainable urban development, clean energy technology and renewable energy are areas of enormous importance to climate change and areas in which Sweden and Swedish cities are at the forefront," says Ms Hatt.

"The GSCN will provide us with even better opportunities for international collaboration in this important area. Sweden is home to many innovative practices that I know are very interesting for other countries to study, such as the city planning projects that received grants through the Delegation for Sustainable Cities. We will now invite Swedish cities, companies and government agencies to join in and develop cooperation on sustainable cities within the Clean Energy Ministerial," says Ms Hatt.

The Clean Energy Ministerial is a high level global forum initiated by the USA to facilitate and stimulate the advancement and spread of renewable energy and energy efficient solutions in which energy ministers from the G20 countries and the Nordic countries participate.

The work of the CEM is conducted through a number of technical initiatives in which Sweden is participating in a smart grids programme, electric vehicles and energy-effective products. The new cooperation for sustainable cities was an initiative of the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications and the Ministry of the Environment as yet another way to address the global climate challenge and produce added value for Swedish expertise in clean energy technology and sustainable urban planning.