Accessibility - customize the website

By changing the text size, font, spacing and contrast preferences you can customise the website so that it fulfils your requirements for readability. The preview pane allows you to see how the changes you make affect the text. You can also adjust your browser to make the text larger or to change the colours.

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Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys involve using a combination of different keys. Shortcut keys make it easy to navigate through the website without using the mouse. Press Alt (PC) or Ctrl (Mac) together with:

  • S Go to page content
  • 0 About the website
  • 1 Start page
  • 2 News (start pages only)
  • 3 Sitemap
  • 4 Search field
  • 7 Contact information

Skip links

If you choose the Display Skip Links alternative, a Skip link is displayed at the top of each list of links throughout the website.

Listen to the website!

The website contains a synthetic speech function. This means you can have the web pages read back to you by means of synthetic speech. To obtain this service, click on the link Listen at the very top of the web pages.