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Results of the initiative for the most ill elderly people

Over 700 people gathered at Stockholm International Fairs in Älvsjö on 25 March when the Government presented the results of its initiative to improve health and social care for the most ill elderly people. The day included both new knowledge and ideas for the future.

Government newsletter: A Swedish voice in Europe - for peace and freedom

One hundred years ago, the first of two world wars broke out in Europe. Much has happened since then. The EU has brought the countries of Europe closer together, and brought democracy and prosperity. But even our part of the world can be affected by unrest and conflict, as shown not least by the deeply disturbing developments in Ukraine and Russia in recent weeks. Sweden's role in Europe and the EU is clear: we will use our foreign policy to safeguard peace and freedom - here at home, in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Additional targeted sanctions on Russia

In response to the Russian intervention in Crimea, the European Council has agreed on adding a number of names to the previously established sanctions list. These individuals will have their assets frozen and will be subject to entry bans to the EU. The European Council also discussed the EU strategy for jobs and growth. Moreover, the heads of state and government had their first discussion on the new climate and energy goals for 2030.

White Paper on abuses and rights violations of Roma during the 1900s

The situation of Roma today is linked to history and the discrimination to which many Roma have long been subjected. Knowledge of this history and its connection to the conditions for Roma today is therefore important to the Government's efforts to improve their living conditions. The Government considers that a White Paper that describes this history is an important starting point in strengthening the work on the human rights of Roma.

A woman in silhuette standing in front of a window.

Government newsletter: Time for a long-term strategy to combat men's violence against women

Women and men must have equal power to shape society and their own lives. For this to be possible, men's violence against women must stop. In the last few years the Government has deepened and intensified its extensive initiatives to combat men's violence against women implemented during the last electoral period.

Government newsletter: State of the Swedish economy

Sweden has come through the crisis better than most comparable countries. Government policy has focused on using the surpluses built up prior to the crisis to prevent Sweden from being excessively affected. As growth is gradually expected to rise and the situation on the labour market slowly improves, the need to support the economy will successively decline. Fiscal policy will then enter a new phase - public finances will gradually return to surplus, which will act as a buffer.

Statement by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on the developments in Ukraine

"We are deeply concerned about the situation. All parties must show restraint to avoid further escalation. Russia has a responsibility not to violate international law and instead act through dialogue and other peaceful means. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine must be respected. I welcome that the international community, mainly through the UN and the EU, are now discussing the situation."

Hillevi Engström condemns Uganda's new anti-gay legislation

Sweden's Minister for International Development Cooperation Hillevi Engström strongly condemns the fact that Uganda is enacting new legislation that discriminates against homosexuals in the country. From a Swedish point of view, it is unacceptable to discriminate against people on the grounds of their sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or skin colour.

Anders Borg presents new forecast

On Thursday 20 February, Minister for Finance Anders Borg presented a new forecast of the outcome for the Swedish economy and the public finances. The Swedish economy will gradually return to normal after years of financial and debt crisis, according to the Ministry of Finance February forecast. The deficits will slowly return to balance and surplus. In 2018, net lending is estimated to reach over 1 per cent of GDP.

Carl Bildt Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt during the presentation. Photo: Catarina Axelsson/Government Offices of Sweden

Minister for Foreign Affairs presented the Statement of Foreign Policy

On Wednesday 19 February, Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt presented this year's Statement of Government Policy on Foreign Affairs to the Riksdag. After the presentation, the Riksdag held its major foreign policy debate.