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Two new brochures on forests

Two brochures on Sweden's forests have been published in English in the past week. 'Competitiveness requires gender equality' is the English translation of the Government's gender equality strategy for the forestry sector. The gender equality strategy is limited to the forestry sector and has three focus areas: education, working life and private forest ownership.

The second brochure is a translation of the Government's action plan 'Sweden - the Forest Kingdom'. The Forest Kingdom is the Government's vision for creating new job opportunities in connection with Sweden's forests.

Sweden - a culinary nation for the future

Chef Viktor Westerlind, member of the Swedish National Culinary Team preparing dinner. Photo: Hanna Eriksson

The culinary nation of the future 2020 and gastronomic regions were the focus of the conference on 'Sweden - a new culinary nation' that was arranged for the second year running on Öland on 28-29 September 2011. Over 160 food enthusiasts from the private and public sector took part.