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Major investments in education and research

The Budget Bill to be presented today contains major investments in education and research.

Sweden's new government

Sweden has a new government, led by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. The Government consists of the Prime Minister and 23 ministers. The website will be updated with information about the new Government.

The "boy crisis" in education

Traditional ideologies on masculinity prevent many boys from succeeding in school. These are some of the findings of the report "Boys and School: A Background Paper on the "Boy Crisis" (SOU 2010:53), authored for DEJA by Professor Michael Kimmel, and published today, on the 8th of July 2010.

Grades from year six

Minister for Education Jan Björklund today presented a proposal for grades to be awarded from year six in compulsory school and detailing how this would take place.
"Pupils in danger of failing must be told at an early stage, to give them time to improve their grades," says Mr Björklund.

The new Education Act - for knowledge, choice and security

Today on 23 March 2010, the Government presented the bill The new Education Act - for knowledge, choice and security (Govt. Bill 2009/10:165) to the Riksdag.

Four paths to new teacher education

In its bill 'Top of the class - new teacher education programmes', the Government proposes that today's degree of Bachelor/Master of Education be replaced by four new professional degrees: a degree in pre-school education, a degree in primary school education, a degree in subject education and a degree in vocational education.

Fees for foreign students to be introduced in autumn term of 2011

Today the Government will present the bill Competing on the basis of quality - tuition fees for foreign students to the Riksdag. The fees will apply to students outside the EU/EEA. Universities and higher education institutions will make their own decisions as to the size of the fee, based on the principle of full cost coverage. In connection with the introduction of fees, the Government proposes that two grant systems be launched.

The 2010 Budget Bill: Education and research

In the 2010 Budget Bill, the Government proposes an expansion of the number of educational places in local authority adult education and vocational higher education, and at universities and other higher education institutions. Numerous reforms are proposed for the field of education, including more resources for school libraries, school health services and initiatives for teachers. The major investment in research and innovation presented in the Research and Innovation Bill in autumn 2008 is now being implemented. The budget also presents a two-stage reform of post-secondary student aid. Post-secondary student aid is being increased, as is the income ceiling for students.

Government proposes tuition fees for foreign students

In the 2010 Budget Bill, the Government proposes that foreign students wishing to study in Sweden should pay fees. The proposal means that foreign students (from countries outside the European Economic Area) will pay for their studies starting in the autumn term of 2011.

Minister for Education Jan Björklund presented proposal for new Education Act

On Monday 15 June, Minister for Education Jan Björklund presented his Ministry's proposal for a new Education Act. The proposal includes changes concerning the legal rights of parents and custodians and tougher sanctions for use by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.