Panelists: Joakim Jardenborg, Johan Hallenborg (MFA), Danny Aerts (.SE), Pernilla Näsfors (Sida), Chiranuch Preimchaiporn and moderator Per Sjögren (MFA). Photo: Hanna Björnfors/MFA

SIF12 conference concluded at the MFA

A summarising seminar on the SIF12 conference was held today at the International Press Centre. The seminar was in the form of a panel discussion, which was open to anyone who wanted to take part. Among the participants was Joakim Jardenberg, who acted as a digital curator during the conference, and Chiranuch Premchaiporn from the Thai web newspaper Prachatai. The panel also included representatives of the three organisers: Sida, the .SE foundation and the MFA.

Information about what occurred during the conference is available on the SIF12 website. This includes video recordings from all sessions, photos, interviews, tweets and summarised reports.

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