Ulf Pehrsson from LM Ericsson, Minister for Trade Ewa Björling, Kaj Hobér from Mannheimer Swartling and Martin Sandbu from the Financial Times debated scenarios in connection with new Russian commitments in the area of trade. Photo: MFA/Anna Backlund (cc)

High expectations on Russia's WTO membership

What impact will Russia's accession to the WTO have on Swedish companies? This issue was debated at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' seminar on Friday, which gathered leading politicians, experts and entrepreneurs. Minister for Trade Ewa Björling, together with Russia's former chief negotiator Maxim Medvedkov, took part in a panel discussion with Swedish entrepreneurs.

The approval of Russia's WTO accession, after more than 18 years of negotiations, will make the world's largest non-WTO economy a fully integrated member of the international trade system. As Sweden is one of the world's ten largest investors in Russia, with over 400 Swedish companies operating in the Russian market, the country's WTO accession is expected to have substantial consequences for our bilateral economic relations.