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Sharing experiences of parenting support activities

Current research and experiences of parenting support are being shared through some 20 regional conferences in autumn 2013. On 23 October, Minister for Children and the Elderly Maria Larsson took part in a conference in Stockholm.
According to the Government's national parenting support strategy of 2009, the objective is for all parents of children under 18 to be offered parenting support. The conferences are part of efforts to spread information about parenting support activities.

New agreement makes it easier to earn pension rights in South Korea

Chin Young, Minister of Health and Welfare and Minister for Social Security, Ulf Kristersson.

Today, 9 September, Minister for Social Security Ulf Kristersson will sign a bilateral social insurance agreement between Sweden and South Korea. The agreement also makes it easier for people who have worked in South Korea to obtain the pension they have earned.

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Improved results in health care using quality registries

Using quality registries to improve quality and cost efficiency in health and medical care was the theme of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs conference on 21-22 May. Some 150 participants from around 20 countries gathered in Stockholm to discuss the benefits of quality registries from various perspectives.

Action plan for 2013: Reduced alcohol consumption among young people reported

For the first time, the Government's 2013 action plan for alcohol, narcotics, doping and tobacco (ANDT) policy provides a picture of the overall development of ANDT policy in the period 2000-2012.
"As the Minister responsible for children's affairs, I am particularly pleased that alcohol and tobacco use is continuing to decline among girls and boys in year nine of compulsory school. This also gives reason to hope that fewer and fewer parents are offering alcohol to, or buying alcohol for, their children," says Maria Larsson, the Minister responsible for ANDT policy.

Care for people with substance abuse and addiction problems to be improved

Increased cooperation between county councils and municipalities is to improve care for people with substance abuse and addiction problems. On 14 March the Government adopted the bill 'High quality and increased accessibility in substance abuse and addiction care'.

Easier for companies to develop public information services

The re-use of public administration documents is regulated by the Public Sector Information (PSI) Directive. Negotiations on the Commission's proposed amendments to the PSI Directive are to be concluded in spring 2013 and the Swedish Government has now decided to order an inquiry on how the Directive should be implemented in Swedish law. The task of the inquiry includes making it easier for companies and others to access and use public information.

Report reveals need for more empathy and technology in health and elderly care

Health and elderly care in the future will require more empathy and an increased use of technology. This is one of the conclusions drawn in a recent interim report from the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs' LEV project, which is studying the long-term demand for welfare services.

Good conditions for children to grow up in and a dignified life for elderly people

The Minister for Children and the Elderly looks back at the past year and talks about the political initiatives that make her feel particularly pleased and proud.

Sweden and India have signed a social insurance agreement

New cooperation agreement with India

Today, 26 November 2012, Sweden and India have signed a social insurance agreement that makes it easier for Swedish citizens to work in India and for Indian citizens to work in Sweden.

Anders Printz heads coordination function in the area of mental illness

Anders Printz heads coordination function in the area of mental illness Photo Pawel Flato.

The Government has established a special coordination function at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to support work on the Governments action plan for targeted initiatives in the area of mental illness. Anders Printz has been tasked with leading the function at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.