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International conference on lessons from the financial crisis

On 11 August, the Ministry of Finance held an international conference entitled 'The Great Recession - Moving Ahead'. Researchers and civil servants attended to exchange experiences and lessons learnt from the serious financial and economic crisis the world economy has undergone. Speakers included Stanley Fischer of the Federal Reserve, Carmen Reinhart of the Harvard Kennedy School and Frank Smets of the European Central Bank.

Government newsletter: Forest fire in Västmanland

The fire in Västmanland is still burning. The continued focus is on fighting the fire and protecting lives and property. But when the immediate crisis is over, it is important that we begin the work of seeing what lessons can be learned. This is important in any crisis, and never more so than in events of this exceptional nature. The Government now intends to appoint an inquiry to this effect.

Facts and figures 2013 - Swedish Government Offices Yearbook

An English version of the Yearbook is available, presenting statistical data about the Government Offices of Sweden in 2013. The purpose of the Yearbook is to present facts and figures about the organisation, duties and activities of the Government Offices for English-speaking readers. In addition to statistical material it contains a brief presentation of Government ministers in 2013 and a section on sources of information and contacts at the Government Offices.

New economic forecast

The Swedish economy is expected to continue its gradual recovery after the longest and deepest recession Sweden has experienced since the crisis of the 1930s. This is the picture presented by the Ministry of Finance's new economic forecast. The recovery has been sluggish because of the continued subdued state of the global economy. Little by little, growth will pick up in the years ahead. The public finances will strengthen as the economy returns to normal.

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Major issues in EU-related work

Major issues in EU-related work

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