Beatrice Ask

Minister for Justice
Ministry of Justice

"Sweden must be a country where everyone can live in safety, no matter who they are or where they live. The fight against crime must be conducted from the citizen's perspective. Civil law must be clear and predictable. People must feel that the judicial system is there for them, that laws are reasonable and relevant and that the judicial system works in an effective and correct manner."

Contact Beatrice Ask

Per Claréus Press Secretary to Beatrice Ask
Office work +46 8 405 47 22
Mobile cell +46 72 572 48 48

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The ministers interviewed: Beatrice Ask

In this interview, Minister for Justice Beatrice Ask talks about her involvement in politics, which began at an early age with the Red Cross. Increased security is among the Minister for Justice's most important priorities. One way of achieving this will be by focusing on young people and criminality, and reaching young people before they embark on a criminal career.